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Monday morning

Well another weekend is over, I spent most of Saturday cleaning windows and walls, until at about 4 o'clock I just about collapsed of chlorine fumes while cleaning a mouldy wall leftover from a leaky pipe we had a while back in our spare room. It was a job I had put off for quite some while and with good reason! It was in a room we don't use much so it was easy to ignore but now it's all clean and white again so that's really good! Yesterday I didn't do much in the house, after church in the morning, Matthew went into town to see a movie with his friend Zak, Ian and Chris went to see the movie too, but not at the same time! David went to archery and then to a play practice at school. I did some painting round at Beverley's house and played taxis!
Today I guess I will be back on house cleaning again so that will be fun won't it!