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Yesterday I went to see Maui in town with a group of GKP kids. It was an amazing show, with aerial dancing, strong atmosphere, wonderful effects and a story line which was easy to follow even though the whole action took place in Te Reo Maori. Two hours of show passed by so fast that I felt the show was over almost before it had begun, if you get the chance to see this show I strongly recommend it.
Matthew is taking his 11+ this morning up at Taita college, so I hope that goes well for him. Our house is now on the market and for the first time, today, I can say we are leaving New Zealand this month, which makes it feel much closer and more immediate somehow. We're having farewell drinks for me this week, after school on Friday, as this is the week when my last few remaining responsibilities up at school come to an end. Shortly I'm going over to Sandra's house for lunch and coffee and a chat, which will be nice.
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