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Well here we are, twenty three days to go and counting. We are continuing to slowly empty our house of things, yesterday we took a trip to the landfill to dispose of a couple of sacks of rubbish, some old crockery and some bits and pieces we won't be using again before we leave, like our picnic set, it isn't really picnic weather just now! Another bookshelf disappeared up Fergusson Drive to its new home at the Moore's place on Sunday, just three more to go! Matthew has a cold right now, it didn't stop him winning the family game of Mine a Million or staying up late to watch the programme about the dawn raids but it was bad enough to stop him helping with the jobs that needed doing! I had a Kids Games family event yesterday afternoon, much to the disgust of my family who thought I should have been having a family afternoon with them. Still it wasn't a bad afternoon, although attendance was lower than had been expected, the children and parents who came had a really good time. This morning I am going out for coffee with Janice which will be very pleasant. It is really hard to believe that I have no more commitments at school, no more crossing duty, no more Study Centre, no more other bits and pieces which I do just because I'm there. In some ways I'll miss it very much, in other ways it feels good not to have to rush out of the house in the morning. I've started rereading the Harry potter books just so they will be fresh in my mind when the new book arrives in July. The weather is really cold now, we even got out the heater this weekend, much to the the delight of our cat, Willow, who lies as close to the heater as she possibly can and only turns over when her fur on one side has got too hot to touch!
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