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Two whole weeks.

Is it really two whole weeks since I last updated this journal? That's what the calendar tells me so I suppose it must be right.
A lot has happened in those two weeks. The weekend before last the boys took part in a Life Education Trust Tryathlon, which started in sunshine but finished in howling winds and hail. Luckily most of the racing was over by the time the weather broke.Chris and Matt have both attended their first sessions at the Gifted Kids Program and both seem to have enjoyed it. Last weekend we went to the Glistening Waters Story Telling festival in Masterton, which was a very enjoyable event. Chris and Matthew both told their stories well as did most of the Young People chosen to perform. I was particularly impressed by two professional story tellers from the U.S.A. I have also been part of an interview panel to appoint a new second deputy principal at Avalon Intermedate. The first summer sport games take place this coming Saturday and David got some new knickerbockers for softball today.Last Monday was Labour Day here and we had breakfast at the Hotel Ibis in Wellington as a treat for us all. I have to say the long weekend was very welcome! This week I've started working with a new group of children at school which should prove quite interesting I think. I think that's all for now though there's probably heaps more i could write.
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