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Last night I went to my last Toastmasters meeting, earlier in the day I went and had coffee with Carol. We spent some time discussing concerns about a mutual friend, which left me feeling somewhat perturbed, nonetheless it was nice catching up with Carol.
Today I talked to takahe on the phone, which was cool. Later I dropped letters off to the boys' schools confirming their departure dates and our changed contact details and then went round to Beverley's house to do some painting. After that it was time to take David to Kelson for violin lessons and picking up Ian from the station. We've had a quiet evening, in front of the tv, watching Matthew's two favourite shows of the week! I painted while I was watching, but couldn't help noticing that Michael Jackson's acquittal was dominating the news tonight.
I realised today that Ian finishes work and the boys finish school next week, that makes it sound so close, it's really scary!!
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