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Another Thursday morning

Last night we signed contracts on the house so if all goes well the house will be sold in a week and settlement will be before we leave NZ, which good news as it will give us a feeling of closure. Meanwhile the days are ticking by and departure draws ever closer, (15 sleeps and counting), but only 6 more days at school and work for Ian, Matthew and Christopher. Yesterday, for the first time, I was swept by a wave of sadness, really missing all my friends from school, but then Beverley phoned and asked me round to her place for the afternoon and when I arrived home there was a card and a gift from Anne who left school last year. I do miss all the camaraderie of school, having said which, it's lovely to have some time available to see other friends, paint, read, write etc and not always rushing from pillar to post like a demented whirlwind!
takahe is trying to be normal, I think I'll try for interesting, (I don't stand any chance of managing normal!)
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