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Our last proper week

Well here we are at the start of our last proper week here. On Saturday we went into town to i play with 7 of Matthew's friends for his birthday celebration (he turns 14 on Wednesday this week). In the evening we went out for a meal at the Tasting Place with Ian's group from work. The food was excellent, the organisation poor and the company okay though it is really tiring repeating the same information so often in one evening, (where we are going, when we are going, why we are going, how we are going, how we feel about it, how the children feel about it etc).Yesterday we had our farewell at Kidz Stuff at church, I now have lots of lovely cute cards saying goodbye from all the children, who were probably more excited by the party food than anything else!
The afternoon slipped by uneventfully, we popped up to the Moore's place to sort a few details out over a cup of coffee and then came home for tea. I painted a bit in the evening during dancing with the stars, and was pleased that Norm won. This week is going to be seriously busy!
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