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On our way

Well today we finally made it out of our house. It started with air freight at half past eight this morning and finished when we finally waved goodbye midevening. It is hard to believe that our life in New Zealand is nearly over but it is time to start looking to the future. We are hoping that tomorrow will be a quiet day to relax and enjoy before flying out on Thursday. That's all for now, goodnight!


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Jun. 29th, 2005 07:26 am (UTC)
Treaure Hunt
Don't know if you will recall a programme called Treasure Hunt? (Anneka Rice, Winthrey and that news reader)?
Contestants used to fly around in a helicopter moving from place to place as directed by another team member who was answering clues in a studio to ascertain the next destination. They used to keep track of the contestants by using a large map in the studio and moving a dinky model helicopter from destination to destination as they flew around an area of the UK.
It feels like I ought to do that now, get Ben's globe out of his homework room and track your movements across the world.
We walked past your house last night, it will be great when you are home. Would we ever have realised all those years ago, that we would be living on the same estate, just a stones throw away from one another. I promise I haven't forgot how hard it must be for you all leaving, but I am so excited at the prospect of having you close by. So, many time the fleeting visits went all too quickly, and now we are going to have precious time to get to know one another all over again. See you in about 9 sleeps!!
Jun. 29th, 2005 08:20 am (UTC)
Re: Treaure Hunt
Yes, I remember Treasure Hunt. In fact, a work colleague appeared on it once. It's hard to count howlong till we get back in Sleeps because the dateline will mess with the answer. But we have just had our last evening nosh in NZ.
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