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Too busy!

I will be very happy when school finishes for the year. Yesterday we finally had the PLC Fun Run at school. It had been postponed twice due to bad weather. It wasn't bad in the end but it was still very windy.
I also took the car to be repaired yesterday because the windscreen wipers had stopped working.. This meant we had to catch the bus to church for Youth Band practice on Friday afternoon. They are busy practising to lead the worship at the children/youth service which is happening tomorrow .
This morning the boys all had sport.Chris played T-ball at Fraser Park in Taita, David had softball at Te Whiti Park in Waiwhetu and Matthew is still down playing cricket at Delaney park in S.V.
This afternoon we are going up to church to practise the Christmas pageant which is happening on the evenings of 23rd and 24th December!
Any way I better go and do some work now before it's time to go out again.
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