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Munich again!

We will be retiring early this evening because we have to catch a ridiculously early flight in the morning. We went out to explore Munich this afternoon armed with a metro ticket. We evetually reached Marienplatz where we picked up a map from the Information Centre. Marienplatz was buzzing with life and activity, we were particularly impressed by a musician who was playing a huge xylophone with four or more sticks to produce amazing renditions of classical favourites. This was interesting enough in itself, but even more interesting were the two living statues standing close by, looking very grumpy and complaining loudly that the musician had stolen their spot and their crowd. We admired the buildings, took some photos and ate icecream in the middle of the square (I am pleased to report that German ice cream is every bit as good as it was when I last tasted it nearly twenty years ago). Next we went on an extraordinary sightseeing tour, with four of us cramped in a carriage at the back and our guide pedalling the bike for all he was worth at the front. Actually it was great fun, if a little precarious and our guide showed us some interesting local sights, though he tried to avoid uphill stretches!! We were lucky enough to arrive back justv in time to hear the glockenspiel in the Neues Rathaus chime 5 o'clock. It was long and not particularly tuneful, but it was entertaining to watch all the little figures parade around. After having some tea in town we returned to or hotel for a much needed early night.
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