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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody. I'm going to try to update my journal more often this year! The year has started quite well with sun and blue skies.On Thursday we went to Upper Hutt to buy a new sleeping bag for the camp next week. While I was at the Warehouse I spotted some Lord Of the Rings coverseal so I bought a heap of it to cover the boys books, ready to go back to school. We also bought all the boys new trainers!
Yesterday Jude came round for morning tea with John, George and Grace. John (9) is Chris's best friend, George and Grace are his 4 year twin brother and sister. David, Matthew, Christopher and John played a game of LOTR Risk while Jude and I had coffee and a chat. In the afternoon we went up to Kaitoke Regional Park (12 km north of Upper Hutt). This was where the Rivendell scenes of LOTR were filmed. It is a beautiful spot with wonderful native bush. We went on the swing bridge path and the terrace path. The former crosses a very long swing bridge as well as an impressive high flume bridge. The area is also a major water collection area and we were able to see the strainer house where a process called flocculation occurs. It was very pleasant and I would certainly recommend it as a lovely spot with very pleasant, easy walks of varying lengths. I'm not sure what we're doing today. At the moment Matthew and David are playing chess. That's all for now.
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