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It is really peaceful here just now, I'm the only person who's up and there is a beautiful little sguirrel playing outside the window. It really is a very quiet area with lots of birds and animals around because we are so close to the woodland area.


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Jul. 14th, 2005 06:49 am (UTC)
just around the bend!
At the same time of the morning just around the bend in the road, chaos rules! Andrew has just come in from night shift, tired and looking for his bed. Ben is rushing around getting ready for school. It is a lovely area though. I enjoy the time on my own after I get back from taking Ben to school or at weekends when everyone is still in bed. Last week, on one of the nights when I didn't sleep so well I watched out on the garden as it changed from shadow to light about 4am and was lucky enough to see a hedgehog scurry back home. I would miss the wildlife if I had to live somewhere else, although the neighbour shouts at me for putting too much bird seed out. Apparently, the wood pigeons are getting too fat!
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