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Harry Potter and other things

Well I was up bright and early yesterday and was out on a train to New Ferry to pick up our two preordered copies of HPHBP. I dropped the books off at home and then dashed to the shops to get my hair cut. Then it was back home where I forced myself to do some sorting and tidying in the dining room between reading chapters of the book. After a late tea I abandonned all attempt at doing other things and devoted myself to the serious business of reading, but by that time pcfreak8 was well ahead of me and kept making cryptic remarks and giving me knowing looks. He finished the book before midnight but I had to admit defeat before 2am and had to finish the last few chapters this morning before church.After church we went round to Mum's house, where a delicious roast dinner was waiting for us. When we left Mum's we went for a walk through nearby woodlands and meadows finishing up near Spital Station and we caught the train back from there. The weather here is still glorious and very warm, it was a pleasant walk with squirrels playing close to the footpath and dragonflies buzzing along the nearby stream, even some wild raspberries were growing along the path. Now we're home and the boys have gone out to play. I've hung out some washing and tidied up inthe kitchen , it must be time to tackle the dining room again!
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