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Air freight

Well after a long and painful process our air freight finally arrived last night just before 9pm. After all the waiting there was a mad frenzy of pulling the strange assortment of items which ended up in those boxes out and finding we didn't know what we wanted to do with lots of it. So by 11pm the place looked like a bomb had hit it and everyone was too tired to do anything about it so we just left the chaos and went to bed. I got up earlyish and spent a couple of hours restoring order, so it looks okay now, though one suitcase which I had almost completely emptied now is full again. sheaj34 came round for coffee today, which was nice, it was great just to be able to sit and chat, and to know we'll see each other again soon. The boys are having haircuts this afternoon and mum is coming round for tea. so life carries on and I really ought to go and put some washing away.
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