Viv (vivh) wrote,

The garage

I now have a garage completely full of things we've decided we don't need. It is a very strange process sorting through the debris of somebody's life. Ian's parents were never particularly noted as smart dressers and yet we have given over 20 bags of Marjorie's clothes to a charity shop, they certainly weren't heavy drinkers but have enough spirits to last another 30 years, they kept all the cards and postcards they had received for the last 50 years. We've kept the postcards (because I collect them) and a few very special cards, the rest had to go. They had bars of soap from every hotel they ever stayed in, I doubt I'll ever have to buy soap again, two drawers full of matchboxes and match books, none of them were safety matches ,so they all had to go, there were at least 30 packs of playing cards, many obviously never opened, then there were all the photos and letters and the souvenirs from places we've never been. We haven't even started on books yet, the stationery cupboard was a nightmare, I just don't have a use for hundreds of boxes of staples or thousands of pens. What are we going to do with Marjorie's tapestries and rugs (the ones she made) or the stamp collection, or the coin collection? It is hugely sad to throw away things that have been kept and stored away for so long, some items bring real joy when they are rediscovered, others just make you shake your head and wonder why. It makes me look more and more closely at my own life, I know that I too by nature am a collector and keeper, I already have thousands of postcards and photographs, but I don't want to keep so many things that they get in the way of living comfortably in the here and now. Moving house is great for making you look critically at what you own, but I think my experiences here will make me think even more carefully about the things I choose to keep.
But I guess I better get on with the day, it's nearly time for breakfast and we're going out to buy school uniform for Matthew with my mum this morning and then she's coming round for lunch after, so it will be busy morning.
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