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We've had a lovely and very busy time in London. On Thursday evening it was wonderful to share a meal and a good chat with our dear friend David. On Friday we went to Madame Tussauds, which was very enjoyable, though the later part of the place stongly resembled a theme park, including a scary walkthrough,(Chamber Live strongly resembling the Van Helsing walkthrough at Universal Studios), a cute taxi ride featuring the history of London,(reminiscent of spaceship earth but rather shorter) and then the planetarium show which was very visually impressive.
After that we went to the London Dungeon, which was very informative, covering all sort of the less pleasant aspects of London life including plague, fire, illness, sanitation, punishment and prisons, Jack the Ripper and much more. It was really well done, but if you're planning to go, be warned that it is very hot, very dark and very smelly. Despite that I did enjoy it and would not hesitate to go again. After that we felt like some fresh air so we went and had a look at the Tower of London, but only from the outside because we didn't want to do a lot more queuing, the crown jewels will just have to wait. Then we cruised along the Thames back up to Westminster, very pleasant. In the evening we went to see The Mousetrap which I thoroughly enjoyed even though I had seen it before, the boys certainly seemed to enjoy it too. Today we went on the London Eye which was like being in a slowly moving tall building, with some great views and photo opportunities. We also went to the nearby Dali exhibition which had some interesting pieces. I particularly liked his Romeo and Juliet pictures and his George and the dragon.
After that we caught the train to Birmingham. Getting to our hotel proved harder than we expected owing to a number of factors, but we made it and tomorrow is another day,so who knows what that will bring!
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