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Birmingham and back home

After a late start yesterday we finally made it to Birmingham. Once there we headed to Centennial Park and went on the Birmingham Wheel (rather smaller than the London Eye) after that we headed to the renewed canal system for a ride on a canal boat(not quite as scenic as cruising on the Thames) and then to the Sea Life Centre (owned by the same company as the London Dungeon). Over all though I was incredibly impressed with the changes to Birmingham, it has lots to entertain tourists now and is much more visually attractive than it used to be, and the shops look wonderful. I think we'll have to make a trip there again soon just to shop!
We got home just around 7 o'clock via Crewe and Chester, but we were all very tired. Today has been a quiet day with lots of washing and some tidying and sorting. The boys have been playing with Ben and Mike most of the day and I've scarcely seen them except for meals and they're back outside now, probably until bedtime.
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