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Zoo and computer and things

Yesterday sheaj34, the boys and I went to Chester Zoo. We had a lovely time, the highlight was seeing a black jaguar who was in a very playful mood, sitting by the glass, batting at the onlookers with his paws like an overgrown domestic cat. The orangutans and chimpanzees put on a good show too. We couldn't find the bears or the otters at all, but that didn't ruin a very pleasant day. When we got home from the zoo we went round to Mum's place for tea.
Today we had a new computer desk delivered, along with a nest of tables and most importantly a new computer. They all arrived just before lunch time. The computer desk proved rather challenging to put together with the doors being particularly tricky however we did manage to get it all together in the end. The computer seems to be working well and so does the printer, and Matthew is very happy with the graphics quality, so all's well that ends well. Tomorrow's challenge will be getting it connected to the Internet, and soon we will get broadband and hopefully set up a wireless network so that we don't all have to share one dial up connection. That will be so cool!!
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