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Today was a good day, it was the first of the presentations about keeping safe for elderly people which I am involved in with people from local churches. Today we were at Holy Trinity Church, and it all went very well. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and it was really good to be involved doing something for other people rather than just working in the house. Attendance was very good and the audience seemed to really enjoy the sketches. I haven't done much else today, but it's been a nice day, though it's already late.


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Aug. 15th, 2005 10:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks for you letter. Sounds like you are settling in well, I miss you all alot. I will apply for a position in the new Warehouse in Lower Hutt when it is finished. It is going up fast so it shouldn't be long. Work hasn't changed.
Mike refused to go to scouts last week because of two of the scouts. I ended up taking him and staying there. Last time they went for a walk in the dark they tried to push him off a bank, they threatened him first. The leaders were walking 10 mins behind on purpose. Mike went fast and left them behind as he didn't feel safe. He is going to a scout group in Wainui tonight, to see if it is a bit controlled. At least he won't come home with brusies, I hope. I talked to two other parents who are having a problem with encouraging their kids to go too because of the bullies.
When I get the next phone bill I will send the number through for Chris. When do you get the results from the tests that Chris sat? and when does school start?
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