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Another week

It's been a busy but enjoyable sort of week, I've really enjoyed being involved in the sketches for Merseyfest this week, I also enjoyed Ben's birthday party on Tuesday and ringbark seems to have had a good time in London. Some strange things happened this week too, we received a bar of chocolate all the way from New Zealand by post, it wasn't in an envelope or anything, just a chocolate bar with an address sticker on it, and the intended recipient is still in NZ but I'm afraid it was eaten anyway, I don't think it would have survived a return trip, if you're reading David, we'll buy you a replacement bar when you get here! Another strange thing was that Mum and I saw a pheasant in the garden, I didn't even know we had pheasants in the wood here. The final strange thing was that when we went to buy an Indian takeaway last night, we were given a free bottle of red wine, it was quite a light wine but very drinkable, I just haven't any idea why it was given to us, not that I'm complaining. I wonder what the next week will bring, Ian will be going to Manchester, we might all accompany him there, but we never really know what's coming next, sometimes I tjhink that's just as well!