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The start of another week

Last night we went to St Marys Church in Upton village, we took a long route to get there, involving three trains, or at least it should have been three trains but the last train was replaced by a rail replacement bus! Any way we arrived there on time,and it was an interesting evening. Ian's friend Mark was being interviewed, and he spoke very well, impressing me with his sincerity. The whole evening was very pleasant starting with wine and finishing with coffee and chocolate biscuits. We were lucky enough to find a bus service which would bring us straight back to Bromborough. This bus route went all round the world to get here and took about 40 minutes doing so but we were just glad to find a straight forward route to come home. By the time we reached Bromborough there was both thunder rumbling and lightning flashing but luckily we got home before the rain really started.
Today we cleaned the wall lights in the living room, now that we have washed down all the glass the room is much brighter but we still need to wash down the rest of the walls and ceilings. At the moment there are bright white patches amongst the nicotine brown, where I have been experimenting! We went to Birkenhead this afternoon and bought exciting things like a toilet brush, a paper towel holder and a new lampshade.
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