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Friday already

It's been quite a peaceful week here, mainly dominated by wall washing. We've done a few other bits and pieces, like finishing off tidying the spare room and moving some books out of the garage. I think we're ready for the sea freight which is expected to arrive with us next Wednesday.I went round to Mum's place on Tuesday afternoon and Angela came round for coffee on Wednesday morning. We out to New Ferry on Wednesday afternoon with the intent of banking a cheque, but when we got there the branch seemed to be in the middle of a crisis surrounded by police cars and cordonned off, so we caught the bus to Bromborough village and used the bank there instead. Today it wet and rather dreary here, but Mum is coming round for tea tonight so that will brighten up the day. They seem to be having much better weather at the Oval for the cricket, the sky there is blue and the sun is shining brightly. Just hoping that England will win.
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