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Well that was another weekend which seemed to whizz by at the speed of light, well I may be exagerating, but very fast any way. On Saturday we went to Birkenhead, where Ian and I bought some new shoes, we bought a mouthguard and some shin pads for Christopher for rugby and we also bought winter coats for both of the boys. We went out for a curry on Saturday night which was very nice. Before church on Sunday we phoned David and it was good to talk to him again. The phone call took quite a while and we were nearly late for church because we caught the train after the one we usually catch and it was running late! After that we went round to Mums for lunch and then came home and sorted out details ready for school in the morning. This week we are supposed to take delivery of our sea freight, which I'm really looking forward to by now. Although I still don't think we've got adequate storage for the huge amount of stuff that we sent, I've started to really miss a few of the items and can't wait to see them again. There's also a picture (or maybe two) that I want to paint this week, and I'm hoping I might find time to start that today. Of course there's always the excitement of more wall cleaning to look forward to!
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