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A whole week

It's a whole week since I wrote anything here, but since then life has been just a little bit crazy. First we were bombarded by phone calls from recruitment agencies wanting to tell Ian they could find him a job, and no sooner had that subsided than our sea freight arrived and I got buried in a large mound of cardboard boxes from which I only emerged to eat and sleep. Well that may be a slight exaggeration but there is certainly some element of truth in what I say. We have now disposed of a large number of empty boxes in a nearly full skip which is occupying our drive way, and we have by means of great ingenuity managed to find homes for a significant amount of stuff in our already overfilled house. There is still a lot of work to do and I'm trying to put it off but I know I will have to get out there and do it soon. Meanwhile it is our anniversary today, and it feels strange to be celebrating it together in England for the first time since 1993. David just phoned from New Zealand and it was lovely to talk to him, though he tells me he's grown even taller which is worrying! It's hard to believe that in less than three months he too will be leaving New Zealand, the time has just gone so fast. Tonight we will be going out for a meal to celebrate our anniversary, but right now the boxes await. Hopefully I'll escape from the garage with my sanity intact!
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