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LJ Interests meme results

  1. c.s. lewis:
    I first read C.S.Lewis's Narnia books when I was about 7 years old and introduced them to David at about the same age. I've read quite a lot of his adult books too and am interested in the way he presents theological ideas through fiction.
  2. church:
    I first joined a church when I was 13 and have been a regular attender at services ever since. I have also been a Sunday School Teacher, Youth Leader, music group member, acted in dramas as well as being part of several different house groups, not to mention all those cups of tea I've made and all that washing up! I have been a part of congregations in Bebington, Leeds, Birmingham, Port Vila, Hastings and Upper Hutt and still feel a part of all those places.
  3. dire straits:
    I've enjoyed Dire Straits' music since my university days and I saw them live in concert at the N.E.C. in Birmingham, but we were right at the back of the arena so they looked like miniature figures on a distant stage.
  4. george orwell:
    I read Animal Farm and 1984 when I was still at school, and am still fascinated by the ideas that George Orwell puts forward about the right to privacy and government control and how it is possible to manipulate the masses through propaganda.
  5. king arthur:
    My fascination with King Arthur started back in primary school and I have read many different accounts of the stories surrounding him. Whether they are based in reality or are pure fiction I wouldn't like to say, but that very fact gives authors more freedom to put their own interpretation on the tales. A recurring theme in these stories is the conflict between Christianity and paganism, in the form of the druids, some versions also feature aspects of Roman gods. I found this an interesting comparison with Vanuatu where traditional beliefs and Christian beliefs coexist uncomfortably, much as guess they would have done in the dark ages!
  6. mochaccino:
    I love all types of coffee, indeed I'm probably seriously addicted! Mochaccino is my favourite type because it saves me the trouble of having to choose between coffee and hot chocolate which I also love, by giving me both in one cup!
  7. old churches:
    My interest in old churches is mainly a historical one, which I inherited from my mother who used to take me to all sorts of old buildings as a child. I always liked churches, abbeys and the like because so many of them had a very special feel, which I guess comes from people worshipping there through so many generations.
  8. pure mathematics:
    I actually enjoy maths, which is why I did my degree in it. Group theory and logic were probably my favourite parts, though all my skills bin those areas are rather rusty now!
  9. solo whist:
    While we were living in Vanuatu, Ian and I joined a bridge club and learned to play bridge, which I really enjoyed. Solo whist is the game which I can play with the family which comes closest to bridge and uses similar skills but without complex bidding systems.
  10. toastmasters:
    Ian and I were both members of various Toastmasters clubs while we were living in New Zealand, and I thoroughly enjoyed both giving and listening to speeches. There aren't any Toastmasters clubs near here but I am still in touch with a number of people from Upper Hutt Toastmasters and still hear their news from time to time.

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