Viv (vivh) wrote,

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Big mistake!

I made a really big mistake today. I asked Ian to move the cooker, and he did, and I saw what was behind it. I thought the walls around the cooker were greasy and horrible, but they really paled into insignificance compared to what lay hidden. However the good news is that I finally seem to have a combination of cleaning materials which are effective in removing the really ingrained grease in the kitchen which makes everything feel sticky so we went out to Asda to purchase more of the cleaners in question and now we are armed ready to make a serious assault on the really bad areas of the kitchen. I have to say 20 years worth of grease and grime are just awful, it is really a very grim job. Still at least I didn't have to cook tea in our kitchen tonight because we were going round to Mum's. She cooked up a wonderful roast and for a little while I was able to forget my own kitchen and its problems.
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