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I had a very enjoyable day yesterday, I was moderately productive, housework wise, but still had plenty of time left to do the things I like, like painting. Best of all Ian moved the rugs out of the spare room, only as far as the garage, but at least it's a start. It means that there is some room in the spare room which means I might be able to get the electric piano set up in there today, now that would be cool! I got my guitar out yesterday too, I was surprised to find it had survived its journey across the world relatively in tune. Once I'd adjusted the top string, I played it until my fingers were sore and then some more. (It doesn't take too long for my fingers to get sore, it's the main reason I don't play guitar that much!)Tonight Matthew is off to see the Tempest in Liverpool, so that will be quite a late night, and then Chris is off on his outdoor pursuits trip tomorrow morning so we'll need to get him packed this evening too. I think we might go to Liverpool this afternoon, but we'll see how things go!
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