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I've been up for nearly 3 hours, Ian stumbled out of bed not long ago, but the boys are still sleeping, I guess they've had a busy week, either that or they must be teenagers, in Matthew's case it could be both! Christopher came home at about 7 o'clock last night, extolling the virtues of gorge walking and raft making. A highlight seems to have been jumping fully clothed into a deep pool of cold water, I can't see the attraction myself, but maybe that's just because I'm old and boring!! Matthew wasn't home until after 10 o'clock, having watched Tranmere lose 2 nil at home to Scunthorpe. he seems to have enjoyed himself despite the result. Yesterday we had the central heating serviced in the morning and then went to see the solicitor in Chester in the afternoon. Mum came round for tea and helped us eat the chicken I'd cooked! Somehow I don't think today is going to be our most productive day ever, though I have finished all three sudoku in yesterday's Times this morning which I'm rather pleased with!
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