Viv (vivh) wrote,

Great rejoicing!

After a very lazy morning, I decided that we ought to be more productive this afternoon, so we attacked the garage and the remaining seafreight again. We have now managed to reorganise things so that all Ian's records are arranged along one wall and all the construction sets, like Lego and K'nex are stacked on the other side. There is a clear passageway down the middle so it is now possible to walk all the way from the front of the garage to the back without having to climb over boxes! All the sorting out there was much more comfortable as there was this handy pile of rugs to sit on while we worked! We've also sorted out all the board games and jigsaw puzzles, which are now neatly stacked in two (rather tall) towers. We also managed to stow what seemed like millions of Pokemon cards in a storage box. But the best thing of all was that I finally tracked down the sustaining pedal and the power lead for the electric piano, so now I can play my piano, yay! Matthew beat us all at Age of Mythology again tonight, I don't know why we keep doing this, I really don't!
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