Viv (vivh) wrote,

It's been a busy few days, but I still can't believe that I haven't wtitten an entry for nearly a week. I have been to lj but I've just flown in and out leaving a comment or two! So highlights of the last week; coffee with Angela on Wednesday morning which was lovely, I'll have to go back soon and admire her new kitchen! Wednesday evening was not really a highlight, we just got incredibly lost wandering round Birkenhead after an event at Chris's school which wasn't really worth the trouble. Mum came round for tea on Thursday and on Friday we did some shopping. On Saturday we all went to Chester and had lunch at McDonalds. After lunch Ian and I went to a service at the cathedral while the boys went shopping. Debbi, a member of our housegroup was getting licensed as a reader at the service and it was good to be there to support her. We went over to her place in the evening which was fun, despite a series of fluctuations in their power supply which meant that lights kept going out unexpectedly, and we ended up all sitting talking in a candlelit room. On Sunday I played in the music group, it was nerve wracking because it was such an unknown quantity but I really enjoyed it, I think I'd forgotten how much I just enjoy being there playing the clarinet, I just hope other people enjoy it as much as I do. Chris is on half term this week, but Matthew is still at school, which has led to a little tension, but I'm sure we'll cope! Today I went out for lunch with Mum, which was really nice. We've also taken delivery of a new desk for Matthew and some shelving. Both need constructing so that will keep us busy I guess, but I really need to buy myself a better screwdriver!
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