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Well it's Sunday, and I'm feeling strangely satisfied this evening. It's been a funny sort of week when things never quite seemed to come together, but today they did. We finally managed to get tickets to a play after about a month of trying to buy them unsuccessfully, and we also finally managed to organise having some friends round for dinner this week after about a month of trying to find a free evening. I played clarinet at church this morning which was great, and then we had lunch round at Mum's where I fixed her toilet roll holder, which was definitely not as easy as it sounds!! It was a lovely sort of day and I'm feeling very happy just now, but I don't know whether my happiness will survive another visit to talk to the excessively chatty financial advisor at the bank tomorrow, and going to the opticians to try and get Chris's glasses fixed after them getting snapped in half today!! Still I'll worry about that tomorrow, and just enjoy the little bit of tonight that's left.
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