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Yesterday Ian took the boys to town to get Christopher some new glasses and they had McDonalds for lunch too and they also bought a large amount of chocolate, you see that's what happens when you let boys go shopping without you! I stayed home, and mostly just did housework, but I enjoyed having the place to myself, for a while, by the time they arrived home, the work was mostly done and I could relax. Our friends Steve and Chris came over for tea, we had a lovely evening, it was lovely to catch up on some news, and there was a lot of news to catch up on because we hadn't seen them for a long time. Their youngest daughter is the same age as David, and their oldest daughter Helen is now 23 and is getting married next year. Any way it was lovely to see them, but it ended up being a pretty late night so I don't think our morning is going to be very fast moving or dynamic!
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