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Yesterday was mostly a quiet sort of day, with a dull mixture of washing, cleaning and ironing. The evening was more interesting, as soon as Chris was home from school we had a very hurried tea and went out to church. By the time we arrived every one was busy packing up lollies into bags to give out to people. The idea was to go out and give little gifts to people instead of going out and asking for treats. It was actually a really enjoyable thing to do and people were very positive when they opened their doors and received a gift. It was also a good chance to get to know some other people at church too, now I just need to try to remember all their names! When we finished, the boys went off to a light party and we stayed at church drinking hot chocolate and eventually we got round to having a short praise service. It was a really pleasant time, though we had to hang around for a while afterwards until the boys party finished, still it wasn't raining and it wasn't too cold so that was alright really. Today Mum is coming round to tea, I'm not sure what else we're going to do, but I'm sure it will include more washing and cleaning, hopefully something more exciting as well!
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