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Yesterday morning the weather was dreadful, pouring with rain and cold, but I still decided to go to Coffee Plus, which describes itself as a bible study for younger women. I don't really view myself as a younger woman any more, more sort of middle aged, but most of the people there were my age, give or take a few years, so I guess younger must mean not approaching retirement in this context! All the same they are a friendly bunch of people and I enjoyed myself so I will probably go again. When I got home the book I had ordered had arrived, which was great, less great was the guy from the bank who came to talk to us about Trust Funds,and went over the same ground that we had already covered with the other guy at the bank, so now I'll have to endure another hour of tedium next week sometime when he comes to talk to us again. The weather improved towards evening, so we decided we would risk going out to a farm near Willaston, for a bonfire and some fireworks. It was quite a good show for an amateur event and I enjoyed myself. We didn't get too wet even though it started to rain again before we went home, we weren't too wet but we were certainly quite muddy so I had lots of washing to do today! As well as washing today we also popped to Birkenhead after lunch, to buy Age Of Empires 3 for Matthew and round to Mum's for an hour or so. It was great to watch the All Blacks beat the Welsh today, it was certainly a convincing win!
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