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Well it's the end of another week, and Autumn is definitely here. Yesterday afternoon I went to have a coffee with Helen and Chris at Chris's house in Oxton. We had a good chat reminiscing about the past. Ian's cousin Linda and her husband Gordon came for tea last night, we had a very pleasant evening. While I was cooking tea I looked out of the window and it looked as if it was raining leaves, as they floated in the air, dancing their way towards the ground. This morning I went to Coffee Plus which was enjoyable, and I managed to get there without getting soaked this week! I'm going to go out for a meal with them next week which should be fun. This afternoon Ian and I walked to Asda, did some shopping and then caught the bus home. Since then we've had a very lazy evening, with fish and chips followed by watching the Wales versus Fiji match, which was a lousy game, but had the funniest commentary! I also got a postcard from Anne and John who visited us the other weekend, they are in Scotland now, and a letter from my friend Beverley telling me some news of David and other friends from church in NZ. I think I might go to Liverpool tomorrow to buy a few things!
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