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Saturday was a very nondescript day here, though the All Blacks won against the Irish which must be good. Sunday was a lovely day, weather wise, which was good because being Remembrance Sunday we spent half an hour standing outside by a war memorial before the morning service. The church was absolutely packed for the service which followed and we ended up sitting right at the back by the door, I had to move really quickly at the end of the service to avoid being mowed down by the flag bearers as they left the church! Despite that it was a really lovely service, generally I'm not too keen on the big official services full important people, but this one had a really lovely feel to it, the hymns and readings really appropriate and a sermon which was just right for the occasion too. Mum came round to our place for Sunday lunch and we had a peaceful afternoon before facing a cold evening and the eccentricities of rail replacement buses on our way to the evening service. We only just arrived in time, because we had to wait ages for a bus, but the service was good once we were there and the buses managed to run on time on the way home. Yesterday we went to Birkenhead where I bought a new coat and some other bits and pieces including a black skirt which I particularly like. In the evening I went out for a meal at Frankie & Bennys with some members of the Coffee Plus group. In the end there were only 8 of us there, but that was a good number for having a really good chat and getting know people, so it suited me. Today I'm having a haircut after lunch and this evening I am going to a Christmas choir rehearsal at church. Need to do more washing and ironing and really exciting stuff like that too!!
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