Viv (vivh) wrote,

It's been really frosty the last two mornings, with matching low temperatures, and beautiful, clear, sunny skies. I love mornings like that, the bitter, crisp ones when the world gleams white like something out of a fairy tale, so much more satisfying than the grey, dreary, wet weather of the last few weeks. I really enjoyed walking to the station this morning, the soggy leaves which cover the pavements, had been magically transformed into things of beauty, each one carefully decorated in frosty splendour, and satifyingly crunchy underfoot. I guess I'd forgotten how much I like Autumn mornings here.
I went to the choir practice at church on Tuesday evening, and had a really good time, it's been a long time since I've been involved anything remotely serious chorally, and it was great, I'm really looking forward to the Carol Service now, and even the practices! The rest of the week has passed fairly uneventfully, we sorted out the Trust Funds for the boys this week and yesterday I went to Birkenhead to do some Christmas shopping by myself. I went to Coffee Plus this morning, which was fun, and I think I know everyones name by now, at least I hope so. The boys are going to Pathies tonight, and tomorrow is the Christmas fair at Chris's school, we're also hoping to go and see the Harry Potter movie. On Sunday I'm playing in the music group in the morning and we're going rounds to Mum's for lunch.
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