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Yesterday morning was incredibly slow moving, but after lunch we headed off into Liverpool, mainly to take my pair of wooden clarinets in to a music shop to be serviced and repaired. I'm currently playing on my plastic student model, which endures temperature change and sea travel much better than the wooden ones, but it would be great if I could start using the wooden ones again they have so much better tone.
Not wishing to waste the chance of being in a shopping area, I decided I should shop, and Ian didn't complain much! The weather forecast says that we are going to have snow on Thursday, so I thought I ought to be prepared, so I bought a cream scarf with matching gloves and a pair of suede boots. I also bought a cardigan and some new tights! Any one who knew me in New Zealand, would be really surprised to hear that I'm buying winter clothes, because I had something of a reputation for wearing summer clothes even in the middle of winter, but it really is much, much colder here especially when I'm out and about at night time.
Last night I had choir practice at church. There was a good turn out, about 40 people, and I had a really great time. I enjoyed learning the songs, including a brand new one, literally hot off the press, and it was all fun with lots of laughter. They even had jaffa cakes with the coffee at break time, what more could you ask!
Now I really should go and do the washing, or maybe I should go and sort out a new reed for the clarinet, because the one I was using last Sunday is in imminent danger of collapse! Hey, Ian just brought me a cup of coffee, so I guess I might just have to drink that first!!
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