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It's the start of another week, and there's quite a lot to do this week. I need to find my Christmas cards and get them sorted ready to post. The overseas cards are written but we need to print out our newsletter, put stamps on the envelopes and all that sort of thing, they need to be in the mail some time this week. We are going to the dentist today, and I think I'm going to die of embarassment because my teeth are in such terrible state, and even when my teeth were okay, I never liked seeing the dentist.
On Friday I went to Coffee Plus which was good, I'm starting to feel like I belong a bit there. In the afternoon I helped getting ready for Matthew's school fair. In the evening, the boys went to Pathies and we visited the Church's Craft Fair and bought a few bits and pieces while we were waiting for them. Apparently the craft fair raised over £4000 which is just amazing! On Saturday we had the Christmas Fair at Matthew's school, it was quite a good fair, I was on the toy stall, and it was okay. I don't know how much money that one made and I won't find out this week as Matthew has a week of work experience starting today, at a Tea Factory in Moreton!
It was church yesterday, the morning service was communion, and was a simple but pleasant service. The afternoon flew by, and it seemed to be time to set out to the evening service not long after we finished lunch! The sermon in the evening was about work and rest, mainly rest! It's an interesting thing to think about, especially when I think about how busy I am now compared with when I was in the Hutt Valley. When I was incredibly busy, I valued my times of rest and fought to make room for "me" time in a busy schedule, now I don't think I do that, and I end up wasting time, rather than consciously making space for me. I'm not as tired as I was then, so I suppose I'm more rested, I'm not trying to make any real point here, it's just interesting!
Now I really need to get on with my day, I know those Christmas cards are in the garage somewhere.
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