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Well it's Saturday morning and I'm the only person awake here. I really like it when I'm awake and the house is quiet. Outside it is damp and gloomy but very still. I had a lovely evening at Margaret's place on Thursday evening, the food was good, and they are a really nice bunch of people, I felt very comfortable and at home with them. Ian seemed to enjoy the concert he went to that evening as well. Yesterday I went to Coffee Plus, we had a very laid back session, because everyone was tired and lots of people weren't feeling very well, it must be that time of year! Still it was a very pleasnt time. Yesterday we also bought some train tickets so that we can go and meet David in London. In the evening the boys went to Pathies where they had a quiz night. This evening we have a housegroup social, otherwise I think it might be a rather slow moving day.


Dec. 4th, 2005 08:01 am (UTC)
Sorry, no room in the suitcase. Having enogh trouble fitting everything as it is!