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Well it's the start of another week and even though my diary was completely empty for this week just over a week ago, it's now looking pretty busy. Ian has a phone interview tomorrow and a real face to face one in Macclesfield on Tuesday! I really must finish those Christmas cards and post them in the next couple of days.(I did write some more this afternoon.) I'm going to deliver some church magazines tomorrow and then to Margaret's place for coffee after. I'm seeing Angela for coffee on Tuesday and probably Mum in the afternoon. Then there's choir practice in the evening that day too. I need to go to Liverpool in the next few days too, to collect my pair of wooden clarinets from the shop where they've been serviced and repaired, it will be so cool to play them again instead of the plastic one, I haven't really been able to do that since the one the springs broke a year or two ago in Wellington! I need to finish putting up Christmas decorations and start wrapping Christmas presents, there's a picture I want to paint too! There's laundry and ironing too (there's always laundry and ironing to do:( ) Well at least I won't be bored for the next few days!
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