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The Christmas cards are all in the post now, so yesterday I started wrapping Christmas presents, but I think it could take a while! Ian collected my wooden clarinets from the music shop in Liverpool while I was finishing the cards off. I tested the clarinets out when they got home and it was so cool to play them. Last time I tried it was painful because a spring was broken and a pad was missing which made it clunk all the time. Now it's all fixed and it was wonderful to play them again. The tone is fuller, yet softer than the plastic clarinet, and so much more flexible somehow. Then the Asda order arrived, so now my cupbords are really full, all ready for Christmas! Christopher was home early because they had the afternoon off, apparently because his form had been good this term. Today he has his cross country run, so that will be fun for him! Today I'm going to go carol singing at a local pub with some people from church, which is a sort of interesting prospect, and this evening we have one of Ian's school friends coming round for tea, so that will keep me busy I guess.
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