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Well here we are, it's only 8 days until Christmas and there's plenty to do, Christmas cards to hang up, lights to hang up, lots of things to hang up, lots of presents to wrap and of course lots of laundry to sort out! David should be on a plane right now somewhere between Auckland and Los Angeles, it's hard to believe that his time in NZ is over so fast, it's really exciting to think he will be here soon.
I went out carol singing on Thursday morning and again this morning, two very different events, but the same carols! We'll be singing them again tomorrow at the Carol Service but that will be quite different again, and I'm really looking forward to it!
Last night the boys went to Pathies and made lots of shortbread, and if the bit I sampled was typical it was very tasty. When I came home after that I made a birthday card for my friend Helen, who's having her 40th birthday party tonight. That's really scary because it reminds me that I turn 40 this February, and 40 sounds so old, I certainly don't feel that old...
It seems strange to be having a winter Christmas after so many summer ones but I'm enjoying it, I just don't know if I can survive a Christmas dinner which doesn't include yams, pumpkin, kumara or pavlova! Still, slowly I'm starting to feel like this is the place I belong, I guess by the time next Christmas comes I will be much at home that I wouldn't want to be any where else, but I won't forget all those summer Christmasses and the people I enjoyed them with.
Oh well, I really should get on, as I said there's lots to do and the boys want to borrow my laptop!!
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