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Carol Service

I've been out all day, church in the morning then round to Mum's place for lunch, then back to church for a choir practice at 4 o'clock followed by the Carol Service.

More than twenty years ago, probably closer to thirty years, I sang in a carol service in St Andrew's Church as part of my school choir, it was there that I first heard the reading from the beginning of John's gospel, and started a long journey of faith. Having lived overseas for more than 15 years I never dreamed that I would sing in a Carol Service at St Andrew's again. Tonight I did, and it was magical, so special, I can't describe how joyful it was for me, I just haven't got the words!

All of the above aside, I think it went really well, the church was completely packed, the choir sang well despite a very indifferent practice in the afternoon, my mother and sons who I dragged along to listen seemed to enjoy it, and it was very joyful.

Walking home in the rain didn't dampen my spirits at all, that was magical too, walking through silent streets surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, really pretty.

Soon I'll think about laundry and presents, and groceries and... but just now, I'm going to keep the magic of this evening a little longer, and go to sleep feeling really blessed
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