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Not much has happened today, this morning Christopher went out and finished his Christmas shopping and came back with a pile of presents from Angela's house, which are now sitting under the Christmas tree. While he was doing that, I went and had my haircut, not very exciting but they gave me a Christmas card at the end which was nice!

We posted off some letters and things we'd been meaning to get round to for a while, and got David's room ready for his return, you know moved the junk off his bed, cleared the floor, found some clean sheets and pillowcases and things etc etc.

Apart from doing stuff to get ready for Christmas and David coming home I don't have that much planned for this week, and there isn't even a choir practice to look forward to tomorrow! It is Wirral Grammar's Carol Service tomorrow, maybe I'll go to that, it's not quite the same as singing in a carol service, but it might be fun anyway, if I can persuade anyone to keep me company there!

I suppose I could do some ironing, that's always waiting for me if I should happen to run out of more exciting activities.!
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