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Together again

Yesterday we had a really early start, up at 5 am and out of the house at 6am. We caught our train safely and made it to Heathrow about the time that David's plane landed. We had to wait around for about an hour while he cleared immigration and customs and picked up his bags etc. It was just so great to see David again after so long, he hasn't changed as much as I thought he might, though he is definitely a little taller and a little hairier than when we left. It was wonderful to talk to him and catch up with some of his news.

When we reached Euston we had some lunch and bought David a student rail card so that he could use the ticket we had already purchased for him online. They were threatening delays in train services north due to a fatality on the line, so Ian, David and Christopher went and got their hair cut while I went and did some extra Christmas shopping at WH Smiths in the station, including some very much needed gift tags. I bought 30 but I'm not sure if that will be enough!!

Anyway in the end our train did pretty much leave on time so we were back in Bromborough not long after 6 pm. Once home we ordered some pizza partly to celebrate David being home and partly because I couldn't face starting to cook a meal. David unpacked his suitcase to reveal many treasures: cards, certificates, gifts, photos etc also some very smelly socks which have subsequently been consigned to the bin! After tea we popped round to mums place for a coffee so that David could say hi to her.

It is really lovely to all be together again, now I feel we are really here, and complete, crowded but complete. Now I really must get on and wrap all those presents! I've only got3 days left!! Ian's off to Macclesfield again today for a second interview, I think I need to go to Birkenhead to do a little more shopping. Matthew and Chris have a dentists appointment this afternoon (end of term treat for Matthew?!!) And of course there's still more laundry, David has only added to the pile!
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