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Merry Christmas

Well it's finally here, the cards have all been written, the presents have all been wrapped, and the area under the Christmas tree is somewhat crowded. It's nearly tea time after that we'll be off to Margaret's place and then to church with her. My friends in NZ will already have been to their midnight services and will soon be rising to greet the happy morn, and open their presents!! Today Mum popped round and added her presents to the collection under the tree, and this afternoon we went round to Angela's to deliver presents and to share coffee and mince pies. Matthew has discovered that it is not a good idea to leave your christmas shopping until late on Christmas Eve, and I've discovered that you can never have enough gift tags, (I bought 40 but still didn't have enough!) But all is well, and now I'm just going sit back and enjoy Christmas, the lights are twinkling, the stockings are full and we will remember a birth so long ago and rejoice!

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