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Yesterday after lunch I went to Birkenhead while Ian went round to the rectory to talk to Steve about websites and things. I arrived back about half past 4 and got busy wrapping presents and writing cards and things. When it reached 6 o'clock and Ian still wasn't home I wondered if he'd forgotten we had a party to go to! But apparently not! While he was round at Steve's he got a text from Margaret asking him to to help sort out her internet connection, so Steve game him a lift to Margaret's place and then once he'd fixed the internet there Margaret gave him a lift home. Then she came in for a coffee which was nice, she's going to knit me a scarf for my birthday, but I need to decide what colour I want! I think we need to visit a wool shop, a good reason to have lunch together!

Anyway once Margaret left we set off to Angela's party. It was a really good evening, it was a really long evening too. We didn't get home until after 2am, but it was a lovely evening, and I can't remember when I laughed so much!! There was a real mountain of food, all really lovely and tempting, but there was so much left at the end and noone there could face any more cream or chocolate!! There was a chocolate fountain at this party too, there obviously a compulsory feature of 40th birthday parties, I thought I might have buy one but Helen has offered to bring hers to my 40th party so that's okay!!

I was up not long after 8am, Ian was up around half past ten, but the boys are only just crawling out of bed now, and it's nearly afternoon!

I'm still not sure I want to be 40, but now I'm starting to feel excited about celebrating it!
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