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Yesterday was a busy day, up early to make breakfast and get lunch organised and out to church before the rest of the family because I was playing in music group. Actually I really enjoy the walk up to church by myself it gives me time to think and be ready for the service. I knew most of the songs yesterday which made it more fun, it was a good service, I enjoyed the worship and the sermon was okay, it was about purpose and had three main points; in, up and out. This has conjured up a wonderful picture in my head, which I must try to get down on paper some time today.

After church Mum came round for lunch and we had a pleasant relaxed time. Ben came round to see the boys, Ian replaced the lightbulb in the bathroom but now the morning room light isn't working properly something to do with the starter motor which fires up the fluorescent tube, at the moment it flashes on and off like a strobe!!

After tea it was off to church again, another good service. After the service David went off to Life (the Youth Group) and Chris and Matthew went home while we went to Margaret's to finish sorting out her computers. Several cups of coffee later we returned home just in time to go to bed!

Chris and Matthew have gone off to school this morning, though we had to eat breakfast by candlelight because of the morning room light.
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