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Not as bad as it seems

Apparently we missed the worst of the weather yesterday, there was hail the size of golf balls at about 5am in Upper Hutt. Despite this and the thunderstorm I talked about, the weather had turned fine by 10am and the rest of the day was sunny if rather blustery.In the afternoon I was quite amused during my senior writing session when the two girls, both Muslims, from Sri Lanka and Iraq, started telling me about the religious education session they had been to at lunchtime. They sang "My God is so big" and quoted me a memory verse, I'm not convinced that their families know that they're attending, and I'm not too sure they would be too happy aboout it!
David seemed to enjoy Macbeth last night though he said that the standard of acting was not as good as at the performance of Romeo and Juliet he attended recently.
We will be going to an options evening at Taita College because the the boys need to choose their options for next year by next Monday, not that there is a great deal of choice compared with what I had at their age.
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